Bleeding Control Kits

Our unique kits are designed with the sole purpose of helping to save lives. Everything inside our portable kits are allergen-free with no expiration date, so they are always ready when you need them.

TAC PAC Cabinet



  • 6 TAC+PAC Units
  • Large wall cabinet
  • Alarm 
  • Hardware to install


Our wall-mounted unit includes 6 TAC+PAC kits. The TAC+PAC Cabinet is ideally placed next to each AED you have installed at your office, place of worship, school or any public access location. The station is a durable, clear polycarbonate cabinet that can be mounted in a populated area for quick and easy access.

Make certain your organization is prepared to handle and respond to an active violence, active shooter, or a bleeding control emergency with the TACPAC wall cabinet. The cabinet contains six (6) individual TACPAC kits which each contain pressure and packing dressings as well as an easy-to-use tourniquet for extreme situations. A TAC PAC wall cabinet can be mounted next to every AED that you have installed in your place of worship, office, school, or any other public access location where it may be needed. The items contained in each TAC PAC in the cabinet have no expiration date and are allergen-free, making sure you always have what you need to respond to an emergency situation. The TAC PAC bags are weather-proof and sturdy, so they will be ready when you need them.


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