Avert_BrandMark_White is a critical step toward preparing your organization for the potential of active violence. Your team’s level of training and preparedness can have a significant impact on the outcome of an emergency situation.

Train Your Team

Prepare your organization to anticipate potential violence and react quickly in life-threatening situations. AVERT emphasizes training in: 

  • Warning Signs and Situational Awareness
  • Escape, Evade, Attack and Active Shooter Response Procedures
  • Emergency Techniques to Stop the Bleed
  • Response Equipment (Bleeding control kits, AEDs, etc.)

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When Time is Critical

Uncontrolled bleeding is a serious emergency. Blood loss due to trauma is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If care is delayed, even by a few minutes, uncontrolled bleeding can quickly become life-threatening and stop the bleed training can save a life.
When active violence occurs, time is critical to survival. Being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives.

Dynamic Training Tactics

With Avert_BrandMark_White (Active Violence Emergency Response Training), you will learn how to stop bleeding in a severely injured person and act quickly with emergency response tactics for surviving a violent encounter.  

With live scenario training that simulates a typical encounter, Avert_BrandMark_White uses dynamic training tactics to empower you with life-saving techniques.

Questions? Reach out to us, and anAvert_BrandMark_White specialist will get back to you shortly with answers and to find out more about your training needs.